I am a Developer. Adventurer. Maker. Photographer.

I am a tech, photography and music enthusiast. I always have an urge to create cool stuff whether it be for work or just for fun.

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aboutabout myself

Someone who has a desire to learn, try and create.

My first ever passion was music, which began when I was in highschool. I played the bass guitar with my schools band for the entirety of my highschool life. We participated in various competitions and have won several awards.

I fell in love with tech during my last years at highschool. Which happened through messing around with an Arduino. After concluding that I didn't have an exclusive interest in electronics, I began coding more intensively and that is what brought me here today.

I love learning about tech, especially software development. I am driven by the idea that what I help create might be used by thousands if not millions and make their life easier and more enjoyable. Programming is a way I express myself through solidifying my thoughts on text editors.

Besides programming I like expressing myself in the form of photos and music. I often use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom in order to process my photos, and FL Studio for my music work. Every now and then when I have an idea I like messing around with electronics, for instance building circuits for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

  • Name : Kenan Soylu
  • Email : ken.soylu@hotmail.com
  • Residence : Berlin, Germany
  • Age : 25
  • Occupation : Full Stack Developer

skillswhat I do

My primary occupation and interest being on software development. I am also keen on photo, video and music production.

Some background on my developer skills

I am an experienced web developer with a strong background in front-end development. My mindset is to build simple systems with few moving parts that contain as little accidental complexity as possible. I find this to be a requirement for success in the modern tech ecosystem.

I have worked (and still working) on various projects ranging from ray-tracers to neural networks as both for school and as personal side projects. You can check out my GitHub for more.

I have professionally worked for TatilSepeti, PhiMajor Solutions, iD Tech, BlockchanIST, and MeloKnowns. I am currently working as a full-stack developer for RF Ocean. We are building the future of sea freight

React / React Native

galleryPhoto Gallery

A few photos taken and edited by me that I am excited on sharing and also personally like. Follow me on Instagram for more.

sounds My jams

Various samples of sounds I put together.
Kenan Soylu ยท Showcase

contactGet In Touch

I am always open for new opportunities and faces. So you are welcomed to contact me even if you only want to say hi :)